Top Places to Get Boxes for >>FREE<<

//Top Places to Get Boxes for >>FREE<<

Top Places to Get Boxes for >>FREE<<

After you find your new dream house or apartment and pay your down payment or deposit, trying to budget for the move is yet another stressful thing to add to your plate. Who needs to worry about something as mundane as boxes?

Fortunately, we are here to help!  We have complied a list of the best places you can find boxes for FREE.

We STRONGLY suggest contacting the locations before going in.  Calling before you go in will not only save you time, but additionally, scheduling is the difference between getting a carful of boxes or zero boxes.  A lot of places only have shipments on certain days of the weeks, or they may immediately crush boxes once thFree licquor store boxesey are finished unloading.

  • Liquor Stores- Most liquor stores get shipments once a week.   The boxes they get are usually built to hold heavy weight as well.   Often times the stores will simply place the boxes outside so you can grab the ones you want.
  • Grocery Stores- These stores have boxes almost daily and unless someone else beats you there, you can usually get some great moving boxes out of the stop.
  • Bookstores- Obviously, everyone knows how heavy books are. The boxes used to ship boxes are usually build to hold heavy weights. You can check Barnes & Noble or local textbook store.
  • Craigslist- A simple search under your city will bring up people who are getting rid of boxes. Most are listed for free if you pick them up.
  • U-haul Customer Connect- Directly from their website, “U-Haul has several programs that allow our customers to get together and share rides, or buy and sell boxes with each other. This benefits customers and their communities. It also benefits the environment by keeping moving supplies out of the landfills and reducing fuel consumption by sharing rides.”
  • Ask your friends! You never know who may have a job that has access to boxes.

We hope you find this list helpful.  If you know of any other great places please leave comments below!

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