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Apartment and Home Movers for Greenville, SC


Packing, Unpacking & Protecting

Express Movers has the knowledge and experience to properly protect and wrap specific items so as to best protect them during the move. There is no extra charge for this and is done every move, every time.


Assemble & Disassemble

When applicable, taking furniture apart and putting it back together can be tedious task, especially if you lack the proper tools and knowledge. This could potentially lead to damaging the item, the surrounding furniture and walls, and even yourself.

We have the experience and the tools to take apart most furniture items and put them back together upon unloading the truck. Whether its bed frames, shelving, dressers, or more, Express Movers will safely handle disassemble and reassemble your belongings.

standLoading, Unloading, or Both

If you are moving out of state or moving into the state from another, Express Movers can provide either loading or unloading as a single service to your family. We can unload the truck when you arrive or load it for your departure.

For local moves, Express Movers can provide all loading and unloading services from start to finish. Since we do service a large area in the southeast, we can provide loading and unloading for many longer distance moves with an incremental travel fee. Contact us for an estimate.

In a renovation situation, Express Movers can move the specific furniture out of the house to where it needs to be stored. And back in the when the renovations are completed.


Truck Pickup & Drop off

Even though Express Movers is solely a moving labor provider, all of our team is license to drive all size and class trucks. At the convenience of our customers, we will arrange to both pickup and drop off your rental truck for local moves. All you have to do is make the rental arrangements, and we will do the rest.

If you’re not sure where to get a rental truck, we highly recommend Uhaul. Whether your in Greenville, Spartanburg or Anderson, they have excellent rates and reliable availability. You can find locations in the upstate on their Location Finder.


We’ll Handle the “Big Boys”

When it comes to the big class items, a failed attempt is not worth the consequences. You could easily damage your property, or worse, yourself. We have the strength and experience to maneuver even the largest items on/off a truck and in or out of a house. Do not take the risk, let us ease your stress and handle it for you.

We are more than comfortable moving couches, appliances, custom wood furniture, bedroom sets, mattresses, and more.

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