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Express Movers Upstate is a Greenville SC Moving Company with years of experience getting people moved into their next residence with a minimum of hassle. Read some of our helpful tips below to make your move go more smoothly.

Residential Moving Services


Packing, Unpacking & Protecting

Packing can often be a tedious process, and if not done properly, could be costly. We provide both packing and unpacking and have the experience and know how to protect your valuable and delicate items

Phases of the move

We can handle all phases of the moving process including loading the truck for departure and unloading at the destination.


Truck Pickup & Drop off

At the convenience of our customers, we will arrange to both pickup and drop off your rental truck for local moves.

Commercial Moving Services


Business Office Moves

Nothing is as disruptive to your business as an office move. Let Express Movers Upstate take the dread out of moving your office to a new location. We are experienced in moving many different types of furniture and equipment and respect your company property. Express Movers Upstate can move equipment through difficult spaces. You can rest easy knowing that we will treat all your office assets as if they were our own.

Commercial to residential delivery

Business to Residence Delivery

We also provide delivery services from businesses to a residence. Not to be confused with delivery from a store to your home, these moves can be for items that are moving from a business to your home like repurposing office furniture or setting up home offices. We have all of the equipment to make relocating business resources to your home painless.


Home Staging, Renovations, & On Site Moves

As a moving labor company in Greenville SC, we have the ability to solely offer our services for on site moving needs. We can rearrange furniture for home staging, renovations, or maybe just re-decorative purposes. We will still provide all the equipment needed to move the bigger items.

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